Sunday, March 28, 2010

Colouring Easter Eggs

Even though eggs in tights can look a bit scary it's a surprisingly easy way to colour eggs. Some leaves, old tights cut up, a piece of string to hold everything in place and some onion peel for colour. Such beautiful effects.


What you need. 
Eggs (room temperature), onion peel of about 8-10 onions, leaves, a pair of old tights and some string

What you do.
1) Boil onion peel in about 1.5 liters of water for about 15-20 mins
2) Place leaves on eggs (if you use a little water they stick to the egg better)
3) Cut up tights into rectangles (big enough to cover the egg when pulled tight)
4) Cover egg and leaf with the rectangle, pull tight and tie with string
5) Place about 6 eggs in water with onion peel, bring to boil and boil for about 12- 13 mins
6) Take out eggs, cut open tights, peel off leaf and leave egg to cool
7) Rub a little olive oil into the eggshell for a little shine

Repeat step 5 as often as you need. The water colours quite a few badges of eggs and you can always save it and re-use it at a later time.


Jill said...

These are lovely! Could you describe your method more fully or point to a step by step description on line? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful!
I was going to ask the same, everything is quite selfexplanatory but the dying itself, did you boil them in the concoction?
Id be interested to know!

csr said...

how lovely! i will try this at home.

Trula said...

I am glad you like them. I've added a little step to step guide. Hope it helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

Trula said...

@crs: Please. I am sure yours will turn out even better.

tinee said...

oh wow, how beautiful! this makes me want to try it out NOW...thanks for sharing.

Art Wall Katie said...

These are amazing.

ieva jansone said...

dear trula, this reminds me of my childhood, that's exactly as we used to colour eggs. in the process of cooking and dying they looked even less appealing as yours in the stockings - we wrapped them in rags and cooked in a big pot together with onion peels and/or tree-barks ..
but the results were always great, and it was such fun - a bit like polaroid actually - you never know exactly what you'll get ;)

thank you so much for your good spanish wishes for my little shop, and - good wishes are never late :)

la casita said...

they look so sweet, brava!

Valerie said...

pretty !
they do that in Spain too ?!
in france I had never heard of this before i got to read international blogs :)

Fräulein Text said...

beautiful! i love what i see :) schön hier bei dir, danke und herzlichst, frl.

Anonymous said...

We made these for Easter this year and it was fun. They didn't come out as good as yours, but that's because we used little rubber bands and they melted - lol. But still each egg had a great design on it. The only thing I would recommend is either before or after you unwrap them from the stockings, put them in cold water for a little while so they will peel easier.

Trula said...

@anonymous. Thank you for your suggestion. Will try next Easter :) Gald you enjoyed making them.