Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sleeping bag for babies

The phrase 'If trying harder doesn't work, try different' has been on my mind a lot lately. A full schedule and the wish to make things myself instead of buying them don't always go along well. When do you find the time?

Well, for this sleeping bag I didn't make a pattern, I just drew the shape I wanted onto the fabric itself... and figured out how to put it together along the way (which of course included some undoing of nicely sewn seams, re-tracing, re-cutting and re-thinking).


la casita said...

And in the end it came out really well!

tinee said...

yes, it's beautiful! love the fabrics color.. my daughter refused to sleep in hers since she started to crawl...maybe it was not cozy as the one you made.
oh and, time?! what is it?
good night night ;)

Mercè said...


Soy Mercè la chica de la tienda del Clot. Ya veo que te pasaste por los encantes! jejeje, las telas preciosas i esta ultima creación muy interesante.
Ayer deje una sorpresa para unos cuantos blogs en mi blog....ah esta en catalán...y mi ingles es francamente desastroso!

Besos y a seguir trabajando.

Isa said...

that's how i sew, too. hehe. :)

sam lamb said...

how perfect! i made the silly mistake of misjudging milo's growing legs so that by the time i finished making a sleeping sac, he was too big. but this one is lovely...and long.

(oh, and i'm totally envious of your market around the corner. the fabric you bought is awesome.)

Louise said...

It's amazing, I'd love one for my grown-up self! babies have all the fun!

fanja said...

yes, time, what is it?
i love your blog and handmade clothes, it is very inspirational.
thank you for visiting my place today x