Thursday, December 23, 2010

Feliz Navidad

Travelling north to meet Santa Claus. Looking at the weather forecast we might have to meet him at the airport. Do you think he does airport visits?

Wishing you all a happy and relaxing time with your family.

While I am away I'll be posting here

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just south of the arctic circle

We are getting prepared for the big snow and of course last year's coat is too small and will have to wait patiently for her little sister to grow into it.

This coat started with the wooden buttons. When I decided to make it I thought a new pattern and the actual sewing might take me about 5 hours.

Far from it. It took me a so much longer, because I miscalculated (again!) how much you need to add to the actual measurements to accommodate the thick lining and the sweater and t-shirt worn underneath. Oh, I so hope I'll remember next year. This time I opened the arm/ side seam again and added a strip of fabric.

I love this fabric and can't understand why I only bought 2 meters of it :(

Talking about fabric.... of course, 'pink minimisation' (thank you Jo for the perfect term) was a big topic again. I managed to get away with pink thread for the button fastening and pink lining for the pockets. But only because the bottom part of the coat is a bit like a skirt.
And princesses like skirts.... a lot.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Busy hands made

Busy hands made the most cherished handmade present in our household. 

This knitted blanket was a present from her Yaya when she was born. 
It's been with her every day since. Now that she can walk, she wants to take it everywhere.

I enjoy making presents myself (which is why I sleep very little in the weeks before Christmas). 

Grossomodo would like to make at least half of her presents herself. I'd love to, too, but I am not sure I'll manage.

There's always the option of buying handmade. For example things made by Sieben Morgen, or by Caterina Pérez, csrLa Casita.... There are so many great things being made.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where's north from here?

It's freezing, but sand castle construction or sand cake baking can't possibly come to a halt. So I made some mittens for those ice cold little hands.

I saw them first here and then found a pattern for the grown up version here. In the end we just put her hand on a paper, drew around it and created the pattern in the right size.

We now have quite a collection of paper mittens, also.

Thursday, December 2, 2010