Thursday, October 13, 2011

Simple Pants

I get really nervous when I make a new pattern for pants. Pants are tricky. Not the pattern as such, but the tweaking. Too tight there, too bulky here. Can't move right. Too many buttons. No pants for a princess (do you remember this conversation?).... and what not.

Yesterday was a bank holiday and I felt brave enough to try a sort of wider top, slimmer leg version. It's girly enough, but has also (lucky me!) passed the dancing, playground, running, climbing and cycling tests. I've made it slightly bigger to make sure it fits next week as well ;)

Of course, it has to be worn with something pink, like this T-Shirt.


la inglesita said...

How I know what you mean! Right now I´m drafting the "one and only" PJs pants pattern for my kids. The most difficult part is being the fitting. Fitting on the go and no pins allowed. Double bonus.
I like this slimmer version and if she can cycle then great!

skirtastop said...

seriously, i think our daughters are far-away, different-aged twins. the pants look great and i just love your photos.

Trula said...

@lainglesita. I keep my fingers cross for your pj pants pattern. Ans yes, fittings with no pins allowed are difficult.

@skirtastop. far-away, different-ages twins indeed.