Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring jacket

... or actually,  an elephant costume that will also have to serve as a spring jacket/ vest.

They've been doing a cinema project at school watching and reenacting 'The Jungle Book'. As a big surprise (or present to her mom) she didn't choose to be the girl in the village, but one of the elephants.

Of course, a girl elephant with leggings and a jacket that could almost be a dress. And (very important!) a jacket with a hood to hide her long hair. Because Colonel Hathi has a tendency to just cut off long, unruly hair. Do you remember the elephant parade? I couldn't get enough of watching her practice her part. Too sweet.


nest full of eggs said...

you do such a great job with knits !

Neus said...

Aish que hija más maja!! Es genial el Libro de la Selva y esta chaqueta (casi vestido) es muy chula!

Una abraçada!

C A R I Ñ O M A L O said...

precioso!!!!! :D

Sky Turtle said...

cute! did you make the mask also?

Trula said...

@ Sky Turtle. No I didn't make the mask - that we brought home from a party :) Happy coincidence