Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tiny Pocket Sweater

Starting with something sensible – a sweater. With a tiny pocket.
The pocket to her is a bit pointless. Too small for her hand and "Why so far up?"
"But it looks nice", I say.
"Only because it looks nice?"
"And why the stripes at the bottom? Why not just a bigger strip of soft pink?"

But she did make a double using wire and paper and called her Anna. Anna turns out to be very good at modelling when my real daughter is busy playing.

Maybe Anna likes the pocket and the stripes.


yolanda f. pandiella said...

que bonito! yo estoy haciendo uno ahora mismo... me encanta tu percha! ideal para los días en que nuestros modelos no quieren posar!!

mama-pan | mary frances said...

your new header--I love it so much. And I hope to see more of Anna, she looks very becoming in the sweatshirt :-)

meg said...

the new blog is lovely as is the new daughter :)

Neus said...

Que chula la nueva cabezera del blog!

Me encanta este jersey, siempre haces cosas tan bonitas! Y sobretodo ropa de niño que yo me pondría a diario!
Yo creo que Anna esta de lo más feliz con sus rayas debajo, mira como ríe!

Fins Aviat*

Francesca said...

absolutely gorgeous! you're a clever lady. x

linibau said...

Es muy bonito. Me gusta mucho todo lo que coses. Saludos!!

Trula said...

Thank you

@yolanda. Si, muy útil.

@mama-pan. I am sure you will. At the moment Anna is sitting next to me on the sofa.

@Meg. Your comment made me giggle. Oh my God, another kid?

@Neus. La verdad es que muchas veces hago cosas que yo me pondría (quizas con un poco menos rosa y lila).

Cirque Du Bebe said...

Haha I love 'Anna'. Oh and the sweater. Great pics too.

bregje said...

beautiful sweater and beautiful pictures!

Sky Turtle said...

I really like it! I like the dialogue too :))