Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Dress

I've had a sketch of this dress on my 'to sew/try' list for ages. Every time I had the chance to start on it, it got pushed. It was just too daunting.

Finally, this weekend with one day to do as I please, I made a list of all the little obstacles standing between me and this summer dress and gave it a go: eliminating/moving darts on basic bodice pattern, creating a sleeve pattern, creating a new neckline, trying to put neckline facing on the outside, creating a pattern for a pleated skirt with pockets etc.

I love the dress, although part of me thinks I must be mad to have spent an entire free 34ºC Saturday inside sewing.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Men's T-Shirt

The other day my daughter asked me," When I'm grown up, can you make me a dress that goes all the way to the floor?" I said, "Yes, of course" and thought that she most likely won't want to wear anything I make when she's grown up.

So right now I really enjoy having a whole family who generally like and wear the things I make.
Requests for a T-Shirt hardly ever stand a chance against requests for princess dresses, but sometimes a Men's T-Shirt actually gets made.