Monday, September 2, 2013

A baby doll carrier ...

... for a very dedicated 4 year old baby doll mum. 

We can't leave the baby at home. What if it starts crying and we are not there?
And the baby doll pram is just not very practical. With a baby doll carrier you can eat ice cream and carry the baby at the same time. Unbeatable.

If only I had known, I would have made a baby doll carrier much sooner. Her big sister has placed an order, too.


lightbluegrey said...

hi anke,

such lovely pics, such a beauty child.

do you maybe have a pattern of the carrier, which i like so much...

and again a coincidence: today i made pictures for my blog in front of a garage door too.

glad writing you, hetty

Trula said...

Thank you. Will look at your pics immediately.
As for the pattern. I made it based on my memory of the Ergo Carrier that I used.
Maybe this is useful:

* A square (lined): 24x26cm
* Bottom strap with velcro fastening - about 7cm wide and long enough to overlap at the back.
* Shoulder straps about 5 cm wide and quite long 110 sewn in at an angle
* Head piece (lined): Measured to fit in the space between the 2 straps at the top. Sides cut at an angle.

Hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have any doubts.

lightbluegrey said...

This for sure makes sense, thanks!

mme ulma said...

oh, über deinen besuch freue ich mich ganz besonders, weil ich die schönheiten hier immer so bewundert habe — und viel zu lange war ich nicht mehr da ...
wie recht du hast: eine babytrage ist eine der besten erfindungen überhaupt; mein füchslein wird auch eine solche brauchen :) (und wärs ein mädchen, würde ich auf der stelle so ein kleid haben wollen für den kleinen zwerg, wahnsinnig hübsch ist das)
liebe grüße!

Neus said...

Me estan cogiendo ganas de coser uno para un bebé de verdad :)
Te ha quedado muy bonito!

Sky Turtle said...

Such a nice idea and such lovely images!

Emma en Mona said...

Prachtige foto's!
Wat een leuke krulletjes heeft de poppenmama :-)

txell, rita i els alberts said...

A mi hija tambien le cosí uno cuando nació su hermano, asi podiamos ir las dos con nuestros bebes.
Te ha quedado muy bonito, seguro que lo disfruta
Un monton felicidades